Commercial Building Services

Hi Flo Pumps are your port of call for the following Commercial Building Services;
  • Cold water boosting
  • Hot water circulation
  • Wastewater
  • Storm water & lift well drainage pumps
  • Rainwater re-use

Cold water boosting to ensure that the water system is reliable and provides comfort, developing the right flow and pressure is critical and sometimes difficult, especially on the upper levels of high-rise buildings. Adding to the challenge the council mains water pressure can be insufficient. Our solution to this issue? Booster pump systems, we can size, supply, install and maintain these systems for your commercial building.

Hot water circulation around your building is equally as important. Maintaining constant temperatures, pressure and flow throughout a building is essential. Hi Flo Pumps can assist with design of these circuits and supply hot water circulator pumps, which includes temperature controlled circulation pumps, inline circulation pumps for closed loop systems, and the on-going service and maintenance.

Wastewater in the commercial space, is typically an issue with Kitchens. When it comes to office spaces and ever-changing floor layouts, re-locating interlevel kitchens may be required. Hi Flo specializes in installing and maintaining a range of self-contained wastewater pump systems, that we typically install under the sinks in kitchens, or in the surrounding cupboard space. There are also times when bathrooms are below the main sewer lines and gravity just will not work. For these situations we can design a suitable packaged wastewater pump station to pump the waste up to the gravity sewer system.

Rainwater Re-Use is great way to harness a scarce resource and use for non-potable use such as toilet flushing, wash down or irrigation in your building. We design a system to suit your needs, whether for a new build or a system that needs to be retrofitted, we can tailor a system to suit your needs.

Storm water & lift well systems area essential if the water does not drain away naturally. Pumps and/or packaged pump stations are a great solution to this challenge, and we can design and supply to meet your requirements.

Pump Product Brochures:

Alpha2   CME Twin Booster   Alpha2 N    CME Booster    UPS N    UPA N

For more information on the above, or any pump and water related questions regarding your commercial building, please get in touch!

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