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There is an ever-increasing demand for goods, all of which require water in the process to produce them.

This type of water usage is largely unseen and contributes to a large portion of the consumption of water that we have available on any given day. Therefore, it is important that we utilise some of the most intelligent pump solutions available to help reduce the impact on water use and energy consumption, to provide sustainable solutions to economic and social issues.

We’re able to provide pump solutions for handling wastewater, pumps for water treatment, water re-use, pumps that carry the highest energy efficient standards for their electric motors, iSolution pumps that provide intelligent communication reports enabling real time monitoring.

Hi Flo have access to some of the most innovative, technically advanced pump brands that will help to provide clean water where it is needed, reduce water and energy consumption and minimise water loss reducing the demand on available resources.

Pump Product Brochures:

Alpha2   Pressure Tanks    Unilift AP    Showfou Sewage

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