Service Inspections

At HiFLO, once we install a pump or pump system for you, the customer care doesn’t stop there. We offer regularly scheduled service inspections to make sure your system is running at an optimum level as preventive maintenance is the best maintenance.

Many pump owners don’t realise that their pumps need a regular service every 1-2 years. Hi Flo Pumps offers a detailed regular service inspection of your pumping system, and a supplemental written report. By being able to highlight the current condition of your pump system, we can flag any potential remedial work that might be required in the future, giving you fair warning rather than any ugly surprises later

A typical inspection covers the following:

  • Visual check of the physical condition of the system to ensure it is secure and undamaged.
  • Examination of the condition of the pump, including its impeller, seals, bearings, valves, and volute.
  • Assessment of the condition of pipework for wear and damage.
  • Ensuring sump and floats are clean and clear to operate.
  • Checking electrical components to ensure insulation is intact, fuses are in good condition and all electrical equipment is operating correctly.
  • Checking that all safeguards are operating correctly and that alarm beacons and buzzers are functioning.
  • Final test run of the system.

Please get in touch with our Auckland or Rotorua branches today, to schedule in a service inspection!

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