Our Partners

We take great pride in our strong relationship with Grundfos Pumps which goes back over many years.In fact we were the foundation stone of Grundfos in New Zealand hence are the longest serving Grundfos pump distributor in the country.


Based in Denmark, but with a genuinely global presence, Grundfos has grown to be the world’s largest pump company. But they haven’t forgotten what made them successful:

  • Being the world innovator in the pump industry
  • Quality isn’t just something they talk about but ensure it’s what their brand means
  • Focusing on people – from their staff to their end customers everyone matters

Grundfos wide range of pumps means they will have a solution for your need. From domestic water supply, to large municipal water supply; small waste water to Industrial scale systems, industrial process to chemical dosing. Grundfos offers leading edge technology solutions for control and remote communication of your equipment to ensure you get the best out of it.

Being the biggest doesn’t always mean being the best, but with Grundfos the two go hand in hand.


Owned by Grundfos DAB is a leading Italian pump company that offers cost effective solutions for domestic water supply and waste water systems. The quality is fantastic and they offer some really innovative solutions.

Southern Cross

Southern Cross is an iconic Australian pump brand. They design & manufacture water transfer pumps for water supply, industry and irrigation to suit the arduous conditions in Australia and New Zealand.


Showfou is an ISO9001 Taiwan company manufacturing high quality submersible pumps for sewage and drainage applications.


Predominantly for marine applications, Jabsco and Flojet pumps also find their way into some more unique situations. Their quality is unquestioned making them the first choice where suited to the applications.